What is the Ultimate Potential of Being Human?

Kent Bye has been interviewing people since 2001. Motivated by a deep curiosity about all things human he’s talked to politicians, technologists, makers, and even astronauts.

It’s been a wild ride and he’s just getting started

Keep up with Kent and his guests on the following podcasts:

Voices of VRKent is best known for the Voices of VR podcast, which he started in 2014. Since then he’s interviewed over 1000 people about virtual reality, looking at what the medium tells us about consciousness.

Voices of Math

Begun in 2018 Voices of Math is a new podcast series diving into both philosophical and pragmatic questions mathematicians are asking about the nature of the universe.

Voices of AI

Begun in 2017 Voices of AI is a fledgling podcast with the aim of covering the emerging field of artificial intelligence.

Voices of Philosophy

Kent’s newest podcast series, Voices of Philosophy, will cover the dynamic field underpinning all the rest.

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